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Models Own Elements Collection

Models Own will be launching their new Elements Collection comprising of four new colours and four new nails effects tomorrow. These colours are not going to be released as normal single Models Own shades and can only be purchased through the new exclusive Elements Collection. 

Inspired by the elements of fire, air, water and earth these polishes really take your manicure to the next level.  Made from the combined colour base coat; special effect top coat while easily coordinated and mixed and matched depending on your mood these will be easily taken into AW13. I ADORE them so much and can't wait for Autumn to hit so I can get back into these warm tones. 

You start off with the 'paint it' colour base and top it off with the 'cover it' topcoat to make your polish pop. The shades available are...

* Terra Crystal : Terra Firma and Pink Crystal

Cloud Drops : Cloud 9 and Dew Drops. 

Ember Red : Hot Red and Ember Glow 

Blue Spray : Blue Maldives and Salt Spray

These cost £6 each and are available over on the Models Own website HERE as well as Boots as of tomorrow *yay*. 


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