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Models Own Fireworks Collection

Models Own are on a roll like seriously. Following on from the Velvet Goth collection they have revealed the 'Fireworks' collection. This range consists of five glitter nail polishes that aim to sparkle and dazzle your talons like fireworks in the sky. 

Now I've no doubt these are going to sell super quickly. Do you remember last years glitter craze around this time of the year? Glitter was major and brands were hopping on that bandwagon for months - who made the shiniest, the most unusual and who could pack the most glitter into the bottle? Franken polish's also boarded that hipster train so it was no surprise that it would be back for 2013 with a bang! (get it?) 

The shades are: 

* Sparkler - Silver

* Banger - Blue strands and fuchsia polka dots. 

* Catherine wheel - Gold strands and red polka dots. 

* Roman Candle - Black and silver strands with a fuchsia base. 

* Rocket - Red strands with a black and gold base and orange polka dots. 

Which stands out? Personally, I'd go for Banger or Rocket. This collection is available at the Models Own Bottleshop HERE on Monday and then everywhere else from September 2nd. They will cost £5 each so pick them up if you can. 


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