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Models Own Velvet Goth Collection

August 24th will see the release of the new Models Own Velvet Goth collection. There are five polishes in the collection and they are described as being matte but sparkly all at the same time, curious? so am I. 

These are definite autumnal jewel tones and are a sure-fire hit I'm sure. Textured polish has seen a huge increase in sales and with the likes of embellished polish, leather polishes, matte, holograms, and the likes, textured polish lovers everywhere will be swatching this as soon as it's released. 

Initially, I had presumed this would go on like a fuzzy polish or be very matte so that it looked somewhat fuzzy and I would have purchased it for sure but it's not like that. Take a look at the swatches from ETC LLYMLRS blog.  

These remind me of the Nails Inc. beaded polishes for some reason? The colours in the collection are: 

* Obsidian: A deep charcoal grey matte polish with silver sparkles. 

* Sardonyx: A blood scarlet red with pink-red sparkles. 

* Valerian: A rich bottle blue with lighter blue sparkles. 

* Absinthe: A burst of deep emerald green with lighter sparkles. 

* Amethyst: A royal purple with lilac sparkles. 

These will cost £5 each and will be available over on the Models Own Bottle shop website HERE on August 24th and everywhere else from September 25th. 

What's your opinion lovelies? 
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