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Nails Inc. Autumn Winter Collection

It's that time of year again where the fuchsia and pastels go into hiding and the warm comforts of navy's, cashmere, cocoa browns and burgundy berry tones come into play; I adore these colours they make me want to wrap up in sumptuous fabrics and lounge about watching Disney films with my sons. 

Nails Inc. never fail to surprise me as they really are on the ball, they have released their Autumn-Winter collection including four perfect 'cosy' shades.  

Included in the collection is: 

* Old Bond Street: Vibrant Violet.
* St Martin's Lane: Deep Wine.
* Oxford Street: Rich Toffee Nude.
* Regent Street: Glossy Grape. 

This collection is limited edition and costs £25. You can check it out over on the Nails Inc. website HERE. If you spend £35 or over you also get an awesome free gift. I'm thinking that this would make a fab stocking filler for friends and you could pick up a few other bits to give for Christmas too. 

These are the free gift choices. Which would you go for? 

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