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Nails Inc. Breast Cancer Collaborations

Nails Inc. have collaborated with superstars Matthew Williamson and Poppy Delevingne for breast cancer awareness. 

Due to be released in October they have both designed a limited edition cap for the campaign. 

The polish is, of course, a gorgeous limited edition pink glitter that will swipe on as full coverage glitter. I will be purchasing this for sure, I would buy this colour even if it wasn't a charity edition as it's so pretty. Matthew Williamson design featured one of his signature prints and Poppy chose to a poppy (creative huh?). 

Priced at only £11 each these are going to fly off their virtual shelves. £1 goes straight to the charity which is 'Breast Cancer Campaign' you will also notice that #spotthepinkie is going to be a popular hashtag trend around October too as it will be the linked hashtag to this campaign. I don't really have a ton of info on that yet. 

You can purchase this from the Nails Inc website once it goes live. Boost your karma lovelies by doing something for charity or purchasing a charity product. 


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