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Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2013 Style

The Kids Choice Awards took place way back in April but I wanted to cover the fashions as they differed slightly to the styles that were seen at the Teen Choice Awards. The Kids Choice Awards are the awards that gunk and gunge all of the big stars. My sons love watching it and I love seeing what outfits are paraded down that brightly coloured 'red carpet.'

I've taken a few stand out styles to show you - three top styles and three 'meh's' so here goes. 


Victoria Justice: Her outfit is just perfect. Bright, beautiful and suits her to a tee. I adore her shoes. 

Miranda Cosgrove: This is a new grown-up look for Miranda, she no longer looks like the little girl she was on i-Carly. While this is a mature option it really works for her. 

Kylie Jenner: I love that Kylie didn't take the slutty option of having everything hanging out. It's edgy and suits her personality and I love the pop of colour from her red lips. 


Jessica Alba: That Mary Katrantzou dress is divine but, I don't think it works for Jessica. I'm thinking it maybe the colours as they look washed out on her. The dress is definitely wearing her rather than the other way around. 

Kirsten Stewart: Kirsten has a very boyish figure and while she looks lovely, I'm thinking her overall look may be too boxy. It's as though she's missing something like maybe brighter heels or some arm candy or just 'something'. 

Kesha: What can I say, she started off this year so well with her newfound interest in fashion. I know this maybe a tongue in cheek look but it's so zany?

What do you lovelies think? 


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