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Nude Lips With Model Co Lip Illusion Liner

Here's a true fact. I rarely ever buy or wear lip liner. I know it's a big beauty no-no and lip liners suppose to help define and shape your lips while stopping your lipsticks and stains from furrowing but I just tend to think it's a waste. Plus trying to get matching lip liners to lipsticks is a big pain in the ass for me. 

My lips are darker on the outside and light on the inside it's a pigment thing (Fordyce spots) so I struggle as it is trying to get an even coat on my lips never mind darkening the darkest areas - the areas that I'm actually trying to overall lighten, ahh it's a never ending story. 

So imagine my delight when this popped through my door in last month's Glamour (I think) as their free gift. It's the Model Co Lip Illusion Liner. It retails at £16 which is quite expensive (isn't it?) but it's nude, nude can you believe they sent me the perfect shade!  I never tend to get the good shades with the magazine freebies but this time I did *nananana*.

This liner helps to correct any uneven patches, defines your lips and can be used on the cupids bow alone to give the impression of fuller lips. It has a sharpener attached to the lid which is totally handy as I'm always forgetting mine. 

The actual product is made with a blend of emollients, waxes and butters so it glides on smoothly and stays put. It feels comfortable and really just looks natural on. I have used it for lining the lips before applying stain on the top, I also used it to colour in the whole of my lips (as a primer) before applying my lipstick and it looks SO gorgeous - Like more than usual because my lips were even looking. 

You can see from the swatch that the colour applies evenly, this is one swipe of the pencil. Getting down to the facts, this is expensive and had I not been given this as a free magazine gift I wouldn't have batted my eyelids at it. However, having tried it and seen the effects it gives as a liner and an all over colour I have to say, I'm pretty much converted. 

I figured the coloured lip pencils could be used under glosses too so I really want to get in about those deep wines and purple shades. If you have any liner suggestions I'd LOVE to hear them so comment me below or even Tweet me your suggestions - Twitter

You can check out this liner and the rest of the collection on Model Co


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