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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Launches Moderncraft Autumn Collection

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics or OCC for short are a major brand in the US. Here in the U.K they're available in a limited amount of stores but Cocktail Cosmetics seems to be the main one that I can find. 

Inspired by the 1920's Berlin the autumn collection brings together rich metallic and deep toned chocolates. It's very sexy, seductress and black widow-esque but in a really good way. It was only last week I blogged about wanting more lip colours to play with as there's really on so much pinks, oranges and purples you can try before getting a tad bored. 

This collection has been named 'Moderncraft' it feels very futuristic and doesn't correlate with the 1920's Berlin theme for me personally. There are six new Lip Tar shades (around £12 each or $18) but instead of the ultra glossy finish that they normally give OCC have mixed it up; there are three finishes in this collection. Original matte, metallic and stained gloss. 

The new shades are:  

Anita: Deep browned burgundy. 
Sebastian: Plum toned taupe. 

Role Play: Deep metallic maroon with red pearl. 
Black Metal Dahlia: Blackened burgundy with red pearl. 

Mein Herr: Beige Creme fraiche. 
Dekadent: Translucent crushed blueberry.

Also in this collection are six new nail lacquers ($10) and are mostly metallic finishes with the exception of Mein Herr which is a satin. 

The shades available are: 
  • Man by Man: Pearlescent teal green. 
  • Lustgarten: Warm metallic red. 
  • Sebastian: Plum toned taupe. 
  • Blackmetal Dahlia: Deep maroon with red pearl. 
  • Isherwood: Metallic tobacco ebony. 
  • Mein Herr: Creme fraiche beige with a satin finish. 

These are released in the US on September 6th so should arrive in the UK (hopefully) not too long after. What do you think of this collection? would you rock those metallic Lip Tars? I would love to at least try them but it's the Mein Herr that's the stand out lip and nail shade for me. 

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