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OCC Lip Tar Dupe - 3CE Lip Pigments

I'm not exactly if these are anywhere near close to the OCC Lip Tar shades; I'm guessing possibly Harlot and Digitalis at a push. Long story short these were an eBay find, I did previously mention I had purchased them and basically just forgot to post - oops. 

OCC Lip Tars are popular because of the colour pay-off and the texture; they also cost around £12 each which isn't cheap especially when you don't know if you will wear them or they will suit you. These beauties also offer superb amounts of colour, I mean seriously this is it partly blended in. The finished result is glossy, highly pigmented colour and an array of wearable fashionable shades. 

These are by 3CE which are a popular Korean (I believe) brand, these come with a lip brush just like the OCC tars do. So what is the difference between the 3CE and the OCC? 

They both come packaged in a little squeezy tube with a lip brush. The OCC comes in a clear pouch and the 3CE comes in a box. Both brands offer a great range of colours, both brands offer very pigmented shades and both brands offer a great long lasting finish. I actually washed my lip brush with brush cleanser and it was still giving off colour. 

The difference is the price. OCC costs around £12, 3CE over on eBay including delivery cost me £1.90 each. That's six 3CE Lip Pigments for the price of one OCC if anything you could purchase these to get a feel for the colour and to check that the OCC shades are going to suit. I'm guessing once you do this you won't feel the need to go fork out £12 for the OCC branded tar. 

I purchased mine from HERE


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