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Operation Glam Haircare

I recently received these two Operation glam products to test out. I personally hadn't heard of the brand but like all tests, I went in with an open mind. The brand is by Lulu who is not only a huge superstar but was married to John Frieda (and had a son), Lulu's also behind the Timebomb beauty products. I received the 'Glammunition Thickening Elixir' and 'High Profile Thicken & Lift Spray'. 

My hair (and I know I've said this time and time again) is fine, lifeless and gets limp very quickly. I also need to wash it every day due to the amount it flies away and ends up oily at the roots *gross*. I've tried a ton of products from volumising shampoos, plumping powders to wigs and you may remember my recent Nioxin review. Nothing has really ever worked to be honest not in the way that products work for say, my normal haired friends. When I started testing out this brand I, in all honesty, didn't think it was going to do anything. 

Each night I have a bath, wash my hair, get out of the bath and then let the frizz take hold. It itches my neck and makes me all uncomfortable so I tie it back or pop a headband on. When I test out these types of products I tend to do two different tests, the first is a normal night time test where the product is applied as normal when I come out of the bath. I then wait to see if there is any chance with how my hair performs. The second test is a day time test where the product is applied before or after styling as normal - again I see if there's any change. 

I simply sprayed on the thickening spray on my damp hair and left it to work its magic. So here's a few snaps of the first time I used it at night. 

Keeping in mind this is me at night, straight out of the bath, my hair's been brushed and left as I put my sons to bed and get the school stuff ready for the next day. I simply have no time for styling anything at night. What surprised me was the waves, the volume and the lack of frizz. Granted my hair doesn't look ace, but who's does when they don't do anything to it. It has volume - which it never has, it doesn't have too much frizz - which always pops it's ugly head out at night and it has some shape with the waves - normally it's a frizzy straight mess. 

While I was snapping the photo I was talking to hairy boy about the sheer amount of 'duck face' photo's I've been seeing on Instagram, Facebook, blogs and well basically all social media outlets. He asked 'What's duck face?' WHAT! he doesn't know what duck face is. 

So what would you do in that situation? would you help your fellow hairy boy out and show him or shake your head at him while walking away? Well, me, I just do this...

DUCK FACE! *quack* I promise to never duck face again in my snaps lovelies.

You can pick up Operation Glam on a multitude of sites such as Amazon here.


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  1. I try not to go for the duck face, but sometimes I hear a 'quack'....

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    1. Hahah, the whole 'duck face' concept does make me laugh, sometimes you just need to get the duck face out don't you Louisa lol X


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