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Orange is The New Black

I just recently subscribed to Netflix again as I'm a bit of a TV floozy. So I got the subscription and it has started to take over my night somewhat. At night I tend to do my writing, relaxing and chilling; I like to have 'me' time and Netflix fills that time. So I've watched the usual shows Vampire Diaries, 90210 and some films. 

However, it's Orange is the new black that's thoroughly got my attention. I had noticed it advertised on Facebook and across the net and it was only when I had nothing to watch I figured 'meh may as well just give it a shot.' I'm so-so glad I did now because it is fricken AWESOME. The story follows Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling of the Lucky Ones with Mr McHotness Zac Efron) who as a young lady decided to live free and wildly. This free and wild living lead to her holding onto drug money for her girlfriend Alex (That Sixties Show Laura Prepon), the money had been smuggled into the country but she wasn't caught and sent to jail at that point in her life. 

Piper then left Alex and went on to lead a straight life, she set up a soap company with her BFF, was living with her fiance Larry (Played by American Pie's Jason Biggs) in a lovely apartment in Connecticut and was just in a really happy place in life. But as you know life comes along and reminds you that crap happens. Piper's past catches up with her and she sentenced to do 15 months in prison. Her ex-girlfriend Alex also happens to be doing time in the same prison which infuriates her at first, it's also interesting to see their difficulties and relationship work itself out over each episode. 

During her time there she's starved out, threatened, groped by the guards, bullied by her counsellor, becomes paranoid and spends time in solitary. Times definitely seemed to be hard for Piper and she didn't think she was going to manage it. However for each negative came a plus (It's TV after all) She actually grows a pair and takes charge, sasses strong characters, re-ignites her friendship with Alex while actually find out who she really is; high class, naive, society girl aspects aside. 

I'm still only on episode ten so I'm not sure how it's all going to pan but I hear there's going to be a second series I'm majorly excited by this news. Overall this series is hot! I'm starting to get major girl crushes on Alex (yeah don't judge till you watch it) and Piper. It's never boring, you never know what to expect and it draws you in - It's TV crack! Yip definitely TV/Crack = Track. 

The show is based on the real-life memoir of Piper Kerman. Would you believe she and Larry are still together today, now if that isn't true love I'm not sure what is but I'm still pretty gutted in some weird way because I'd have loved Piper and Alex to have made a real go of it? 

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