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Oriflame Powershine Juicy Lipgloss

I'm a huge fan of Oriflame's cosmetics and I've tried so many of them now. There's one that I hadn't tried but Oriflame kindly sent me it to review and that is the Powershine Juicy Lipgloss (Thank you Oriflame). I would have purchased this anyway because I love the look of it and you can never go wrong with lipgloss can you. 

Here's my Juicy lipgloss. 

First of all what you can't tell from this image is that this gloss smells so yummy. It's really fruity and delicious.  This range of lipglosses are limited edition, their aim is to provide you with a full on dewy - glazed - colourful pout. There are five shades my shade is Peach Cocktail. The other shades are Fresh Sorbet, Delicious Strawberry, Ripe Raspberry and Juicy Cherry. I know for a fact that I will be adding the Juicy Cherry to my collection. 

The gloss applies to the lips easily, have you noticed the brush? most glosses come with a standard brush that can at times get messy - The Juicy Lipgloss brush is shaped to a point; this means that you can apply easily to the lips including the corners without any mess it's genius really. 

Ingredients also include Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These are the vitamins that leave your skin hydrated, supple and protected. While you can't really see these in action I can definitely say that my lips felt soft and comfortable while wearing the lipgloss. I also found the colour had lasting power which is unusual for a gloss. 

The tubed colours are pretty true to their actual colour on the lips. You can see from the swatch that this has a definite peachy-ness to it. The glosses also have a pearly shimmer to them which I've found can be hit or miss for some people. 
If you have a lot of lip furrowing I'd definitely recommend using a primer or a shade with less pearlescent qualities, pearly shades can look ageing so I'd recommend a matte eye if using a pearl or shimmery lip. 

The glosses cost £5.95 and are ONLY available until September so I'd be quick off the mark if you want to get them. You can purchase these from the Oriflame website HERE


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