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Orly || Mash Up Mini Collection

Good old Buyapowa does it again. I just can't seem to stop myself from snatching up mini polish sets, especially when they're on Buyapowa. This time it was the Orly Mash Up Mini set which I nabbed for an affordable £8.50 rather than the standard £11.50-£15.00 (varies depending on sites). 

The Mash Up collection is a summer 2013 collection and this mini set contains all but two polishes from the collection. The two that are missing are Beautiful Disaster which is a deep shimmery purple and Sparkling Garbage which is a blue-green glitter. I don't actually like the two that are missing as they just seem so out of place in this beautiful pastel set. 

When I looked at these colours they yell 'sixties' free love, peace and setting the world to rights for some daisies in my hair. I'm all about the peace bay-bee so had to snap these up - I couldn't not got them, surely it would have been a crime not too? 

Ta-Da, pretty colours huh, I just love pastels and although these are vibrant pastels the shades just marry together so well. The colours included are: 

Pretty-Ugly : Described as an aqua shimmer it's fair to say this descriptions pretty spot on. The two 'blues' on the left are BOTH Pretty-Ugly; the one on the left is one coat over a base of Nails Inc white (Floral Street) and the one on the right (next to it) is actually three coats of polish. Either way it takes a fair few coats to get it opaque, the white base leaves it slightly lighter but the shimmer comes out more than just layering three coats of polish. 

Harmonious Mess :  This is a lavender cream polish that's fully opaque with only one coat. It's pretty amazing on to be honest. I adore it so much. 

Mayhem Mentality : This is a vibrant orange cream polish, just like Harmonious Mess this is fully opaque after just one coat. 

Choreographed Chaos : Bubblegum pink shimmer, the shimmery bits look lilac, blue and silver and are really pretty. The shimmers very fine and remind me of the shimmer that Essie use in their polishes. This did take two coats to become fully opaque but I normally apply two coats anyway so it's not really unusual. I found this polish was thicker than the Pretty-Ugly shimmer. 

My favourite is Harmonious Mess that lavender is perfect and I don't actually have any other polishes in that particular shade. Which shade do you think you'd prefer? 

I purchased these from Buyapowa and I know they have since sold out, I'd definitely recommend signing up so you don't miss out on any future deals. You can choose what types of deals you want notified off - I tend to do the polishes and skincare. 


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