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Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil Review

I'm still trying to improve my skin and ultimately my whole body as apart of my 'groundwork' maintenance. I've previously tried Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula when I was pregnant and then afterwards via a magazine sample. 

Although I've always liked Palmers I use to find the application a bit messy that is until now. Palmer's have released this pretty nifty spray Skin Therapy Oil which makes the whole application so much easier and less messy and let me tell you I'm all about non-messy products with three little monsters in the house. 

Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil contains Cocoa butter seed oil, Canola oil, Sesame seed oil and Vitamin E. You know it's working to improve your skin when the product ingredient list is as minimal as this one is. I tend to use this straight after a hot bath, when my skins warm and my pores are open, I find it so easy to just spray this on to my whole body and face and then get dressed. 

I also then rub the excess from my palms onto the ends of my hair because let's be fair the hair needs some oils too. I've found it absorbs really easily into the skin and you're not left an oily sticky mess. The oil in this product is slightly dry in the sense that it feels light and non-sticky. For example, Johnson's Baby oil tends to sit on the skin, when you get dressed it feels oily still and when you rub your fingers together it still has a slick feeling - you don't get that with the Palmers Skin Therapy Oil. 

Ultimately this cares for your skin regardless of skin type, I use it on my boys and my husband has also taken to using it on his tootsies. I've found my skin feels more comfortable and my stretch marks look less red, maybe that's just me hoping but I personally can see the difference. 

The product costs £9.10 or you can purchase this with 910 Boots points HERE


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  1. Hi! I always use a cream, but perhaps oil would be better having read this. I need to use something better, but don't like heavy products on my skin. This sounds nice. x


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