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Pupa What's It Good For?

When I was a teen there were a few beauty brands that I either stuck too or coveted so bad. I did use Bourjois, Rimmel and Avon although the latter was purely through my mum buying than me picking. Brands I coveted where Pupa, L'Oreal, Clinique which then moved on to Benefit and the likes. 

Pupa always inspired me with their creative packaging, I swear it's Pupa's packaging that ruined most other brands packaging styles for me - It's Pupa that made me the finicky packaging maven that I am today. 

Do you remember those creative beauty boxes by Pupa? No? then take a look at a few of the ones they have available on the net today. 

Kokeshi Doll - What! Butterfly - What! yip that's how Pupa rolls and as a beauty-loving teen I idolised this beauty brand. Growing up I then decided they were 'naff' or some other hipster 90's word, but now as an adult, I can really appreciate their niche marketing value. Would I purchase one at this moment in time? probably not only because I've got so used to individual products Pupa's stand-alone products, on the other hand, are absolutely to die for. 

If you have light or fair skin Pupa's a brand that excels in delivering products that will make you look airbrushed and glowing. I find time after time this brand offer me products that suit my skin tone and I've yet to test one out and it leaves me looking tangoed. 

I love that they have three individual products targeting cellulite. The first being a cream that tackles deep-set cellulite, the second being a cellulite scrub - because getting the blood flowing to those bumps is essential in removing them and third, they have a third which is an intensive cream that tackles cellulite and water retention (in hormonal cases or dieters for example). Genius huh? 

So what's my reasoning for this post? I wanted to take a look at past beauty brands, I have been eagerly awaiting a Pupa AW13 post or collection so this post is my way of highlighting this awesome brand to those who have maybe breezed past it before.  If you love classic or natural beauty looks then you are going to love their doll collection. It's apart of their summer range (above) but it suits most skin tones including ghostly whites. 

Pupa do tend to veer on the safe side in terms of their shades and colours but then Italy and in particular, Milan is known for their natural [but fashionable] beauty, aren't they? You can purchase Pupa products across the net, including Amazon, Strawberry Net, eBay and Beauty Expert. 

Have you ever tried this brand? did you ever own one of those awesome palettes? So jealous if you did. 


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