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PUR Minerals Eye Trio : Because 3 is Better Than 1

I recently found out that PUR Minerals were sold over on the Marks & Spencer's website (here) I am super happy about this because as a brand PUR Minerals excel above any other mineral cosmetic brand that I've tried. I still use my Beautiful Creatures palette daily (review here) and I'm constantly asked where I get my many 'nude' based eye-shadows from which recently have been PUR.  

Currently M&S have an offer on where you can receive a free eye-shadow trio when purchasing two PUR products. I love a good freebie offer especially when it's something that's of benefit to you or can be popped away as gifts (yip I'm tight like that). The offer starts on August 29th and ends September 11th. 

Here is my favourite eye trio. 

I umhd and ahd at which to get. I do this a lot thinking 'should I go for the colourful?' 'will I use the colourful' and then get my smarty pants head on and realise that chances are the nudes, purples and brows are what I'm really going to make the most use out of. With Autumn coming (can you tell I'm excited about this?) this one is the 'natural mix' trio and just looks gorgeous especially for the on-coming season. 

These normally retail at £20 but they have a separate offer on where they cost £16. The shadows are typical of PUR, softer, creamy even without being physically creamy; they are an absolute dream to apply and they do offer a pretty amazing colour pay-off in one swoop. These shadows far excel any high street branded shadow (including my beloved Bourjois). 

I also find recently that I've started having to get really picky with what eye makeup I wear. Due to poor health, immature menopause and hormonal issues my skin is ageing very fast. My eye area especially upper lids have become very loose and crepe like (not entirely visual from this stuffed up image below).  It's hard to really see shadow on and some brands leave me looking very powdery or ageing and dull. 

PUR Minerals have never done that. I really feel that this brand is suited to all ages from young make up beginners to elderly ladies too; the shades aren't overly shimmery nor are they completely matte. Apparently the shadows contain firming agents and micro light-diffusing mineral spheres which leave you looking awake and healthy. 

Edit: (I decided to pop in an image of a naked eyelid shot for you, see how bad my papery lids are). 

This looks like I've nothing on - which in this case is great. My eyelids are paper thin and you can clearly see my veins and arteries which is really ageing. I used the two lightest shades to blend from the upper lid to the eyebrows, highlighted with the lightest along the brow bone and applied the darkest brown along the lash line, like an eyeliner. You can slightly see the brown along the lashes. 

You can't see any veins, arteries or irregular eyelid tones; this is without a primer or any foundation or concealer and is all due to the shadows. 

The shadows didn't fade or cake throughout the day and as a natural day to day trio I know it's going to be getting used most days. 

You can check out the range of colours over on the Marks & Spencer's website HERE although, I do recommend going through Quidco and getting your cashback which is currently at 3% and also offers free delivery (here)


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  1. Morning! That looks like really good 'no make-up' make-up. : )

    1. Hey lovely,
      I've just taken a naked eye image I'll upload it later on today. To show really that my normal eye is so papery thin and veiny :) Thank you though sweetie, did you have a good weekend? X

  2. Hello, this looks really good. Looking for some holiday make up which is natural and this might be just the thing, thanks :-)

    1. I would definitely recommend PUR Minerals hunny. I find it difficult wearing a full face of makeup without having that 'mask' type feeling but with this brand I feel naked as the minerals are so light. Where are you off to lucky lady? X

  3. That's me added the 'naked' eyelid picture so you can really see how awesome this naked eye trio really covers the skin. X

  4. Yes, that's exactly what I hate, need any make up to be light and fresh. Off to Rhodes, very lucky girl, and after 13 months of v.little sleep (as you see from lots of nightly tweets!) it's much needed! Forgot to google this, will go searching now while he's having his nap! x


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