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RapidLash & RapidShield Update

I recently started testing out a few products that aimed at making my eye area look fresh, youthful and my lashes long and lush. I've always hated that my eyelashes were short and sparse and over the years I've tried fake eyelashes, extensions, dying them and fake individual lashes - none of which ever felt comfortable on me. See when your lashes are so naturally short anything longer can come across as being drag queenish (on me anyway). 

I started to notice a difference with the products quite quickly. Those products are RapidLash (first Rapidlash review) and RapidShield (first Rapidshield review) and I've also started using the RapidBrow (first Rapidbrow review). You basically apply them each day and they work to strengthen the individual lashes sort of in the same way we moisturise and feed ourselves to strengthen our bodies. 

So while it's easy for me to blog about these products being incredible and so awesome I know some may still be dubious? Maybe you've tried some of the other bigger branded lash growing products, maybe you've spent two or three times the price on products that failed - believe me I totally get that having done it myself with a similar named brand's product.  

The easiest way for me to show you the results is to of course show you. I initially planned to do a two-week update and then a four-week update but I am four days early. Keeping in mind that this is ten days only, note the lashes and the brows (I have dyed my hair darker so my brows do look darker). 


This was me wearing two coats of mascara, if you take a peek at my Instagram you'll notice that this is my normal 'mascara lashes' type of picture. I always cringe having to swatch mascara because most people find it very hard to really see a difference, I do of course but normal length lash gals don't see it. 

You'll note that they are short, sparse and lack volume and any sort of real definition. This is also having used a lash curler and TWO coats of mascara - Shocking huh. 

Want to see my 10 days after? 

I've never been able to touch my eyelids with my lashes even with mascara on them - ever. You can clearly see that they are longer - much longer, they also have started to thicken and wearing two coats of mascara now makes them pop. 

I do feel using the RapidLash and the RapidShield together have made a vast difference in both the length and the strength of them. The Rapidlash has applied at the root of the lashes in the same way you would a liquid liner. The RapidShield is applied to the lashes in the same way as you would do a clear mascara. 

My eyebrows also have started to thicken and strengthen, they have a normal tendency to fall out and do look patchy. Now though the individual hairs look thicker and feel thicker. 

So what do you lovelies think? can you see the difference? I am just so elated about this, to be honest, I now feel that my overall look is better, I know it seems silly but I use to look at friends lashes and wish I could have long ones like theirs, even my sons have long thick lashes. 

You can check out all three products on the  Rapidlash website and also Boots


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  1. Wowzers! Definitely a big difference, your eyes look lovely and what a pretty colour they are. If you stop using the product do the lashes fall out? I'm interested in using this product.

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    1. Hi Louisa,

      Aww thanks lovely. So far I've not noticed any drop with my lashes whereas before they use to fall quite easily. I think their strengthened in the same way that hair is with conditioner, if you don't condition the hair it ends up frizzy and brittle.

      However, you could use the product and once it's finished you could just make sure you apply your face moisturiser onto your eyelids to ensure the lash root is taken care of.

      Elyse x


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