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Revlon | Evening Opulence Collection

Oooh, pretty colours! I love a good collection and this one looks oh-so-good. 

This collection is the 'Evening Opulence' collection and is Revlon's autumn-winter release. Gucci Westman is a beauty collection goddess who always seems to inspire me and this is really no exception; I do however hope that the products in this collection perform better than the last - Baby Cheeks! what an absolute disappointment. 

The range includes: 

 16 Hour Colour Stay Eye Quad (£7.99): Just the one quad for this and it's the colours in the main image. 

 Colour Burst Butter Balms (£7.99): Available in two shades - Provocative and Invite Only. 

 Nail Enamels (£7.99): I'm unsure of the exact names but there are a purple polish and gold. 

 Colour Burst Lipgloss (£7.99): Available in three shades - Embellished, Adorned and Bejeweled; these are limited editions. 

 Photo-ready Kajal Intense Eye Liner (£5.99): Available in two shades - Carbon Cleopatra and Emerald Empire. 

I'm guessing you already have a standout product? I know I do and it's Invite Only. This collection is released in September but the sad thing is there are some bloggers selling their unused samples on eBay already. Way to ruin it for everyone else guys! 

You can pick up the new collection in Superdrug and Boots. 

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