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Roja Parfums Creates Candles to Exceed All Others

I love candles, I get very excited candles but it's the fragrance type that I get very irked with or super picky at. Why? simply because most candles smell awesome in their jars or containers and when you get home... nada. No scent or at least no scent that lasts or fills your home. Because of this I tend to opt purely for Yankee Candles (especially the grass scent or the foodie ones), Febreeze Sandalwood or Glade's Chocolate and Honey. I love that Glade candle so much I literally want to pour it's molten scented wax all over me but of course that would be stupid.

Because I am so picky I do get quite scared when it comes to buying candles, I have a few brands and particular scents on my 'want/wish' list but I've yet to pull my finger out and buy them. If you have any suggestions for candles that actually smell and have lasting power I'd love to know, please. 

Perfumer Roja has recently announced that they will be releasing 12 fragranced candles in September. Typical of a premium brand they have used complex and precious raw materials in their candles which turns your home into an olfactory delight. 

  • Bergamote De Calabria - Calabrian Bergamot. Complex Italian sophisticated citrus. Fresh and effervescent. 
  • Lavande Des Alpes - Lavander. Natural, fresh and warm this is the smell of summer. 
  • Rose De Mai - Stunning floral, sweet and cool this candle captures the scent of fresh, dewy rose petals.  
  • Neroli - Exclusive and floral. Sweet, fresh and heady tones with the added luxury of fine sensuality. This may be the finest Neroli candle in the world. 
  • Jasmin De Grasse - Rare and legendary. The jewel in the crown; sophisticated sensuality.    
  • Lilas De Biarritz - No description yet. 
  • Gardenia - Intoxicating symbol of love. Warm, voluptuous and heady.  
  • Tuberuse - Floral. Sweet, soft and creamy. This adorable tuberose is light and delicate; perfect for a summer evening.   
  • Vetiver - Deep, rich and naturally distinctive. Redolent of smoky, burning embers.    
  • Cedra De L'Atlas - Atlas Cedarwood. Captures the grandeur of the mountains.   
  • Ambre D'Orient  - Amber. The scent of the Orient. Blended with sacred, scarce and exotic materials to exude seductive opulence. 
  • Leather - Seductive, suave and ultra sensual. Exotic blend that is pure hedonism.    
Each candle will burn for around 45 hours, I'm desperately wanting to try these out but will wait for some reviews. They are super pricey at around £75 each but this isn't set in stone (I think). If given the option I would choose either the amber or leather - which would you choose? 

Available from Harrods, Fortnum & Mason or the Roja Parfums website HERE once released. 


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