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You know how I feel about supporting local businesses and Rose Mae Jewellery is one business I definitely recommend. Based in the U.K Rose Mae Jewellery was established by Lisa Hetherington in 2012 after she had completed her fashion design degree. 

Lisa's preferred materials are plated metals, Sterling Silver, glass and precious stones. I too love these types of materials which is why I could literally spend hours gazing at the website. Lisa's also started a blog over on site so keep your eyes peeled for her posts. 

I received lots of gorgeous bracelets and it really felt like Christmas morning receiving my parcel, here's what goodies I got...

The packaging details were exceptional. Black voile bags with organza ribbon and labels. These were also housed in a gorgeous black pillow box which was tied with organza ribbon. 

*swoon* These are divine and are by far my favourite pieces out of the collection. Black and gold always looks chic and never goes out of fashion. The top bracelet is the dove and birdcage variation, the beads are slightly larger than the bottom version and the dove and birdcage is made from plated 14k gold. This coupled with the bottom glitterball bracelet just oozes sophistication. 

Hope and love are great positive affirmations and wearing these bracelets reminds me of that. Both bracelets are silver metal and have drop charms. The Love bracelet does look awesome with the Hope bracelet, these two cuties also pair exceptionally well with the rest of the bracelets in the collection. 

This is the glitterball bracelet but in cobalt blue and the butterfly bracelet also in a similar blue. I love how these two ties together, we all need a pop of colour at some point or other and these two go excellently with jeans and a chic oversized tee. 

Remember my whole theory of pairing feminine and masculine to get a completely harmonious style? These skull bracelets do just that. The skull bracelets come in a variety of colours, you'll notice that the top variation has gunmetal toned beads in it whereas the bottom is all silver toned. Again these work perfectly especially with the Hope and Love bracelets.  

Pretty amazing aren't they. I just lurve these two and have had loads of compliments over the last few days with these two especially and also the skulls. 

You wouldn't think that these would pair well but, they do don't they. I love a great arm party and these are partying the night away. 

You can check out the Rose Mae collection over on their website HERE. You can also find them over on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Lisa's also kindly offered Sweet Elyse Blog readers £5 off their purchases with coupon code: RMFIVER



  1. These pieces are gorgeous

    1. Apologies Joanna, I just noticed your comment from August *ooops* These are amazing, I get so many compliments especially with the dove and birdcage bracelet. x


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