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Smurfume Coming To A Toys 'R' Us Soon

As a child my dad taught me how to make perfume. It started off with the basic old jewellery box - preferably Argos's Elizabeth Duke range, why? just because everyone and their dog had that range of jewellery and those boxes were pretty damn sturdy. The perfume was made by using water and fresh rose petals which were mashed and left to steep in the water. 

Over time this moved to essential oils and alcohol but I was always fascinated by perfumes. As a child I adored floral waters and especially solid perfumes. I always thought my mums perfumes were far too strong and all smelled 'old' so real fragrance never held much of an interest for me - Lipstick on the other hand, well that was a different story. 

Imagine my shock and horror at seeing these perfumes, these are due to be released in time for Christmas and are called 'Smurfume' The shocking part is that they're targeted to an audience between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. Is it just me that thinks that's f-a-r too young? 

They're available in either 50 ml or 100 ml bottles and will be sold at Toys 'R' Us. There are just some products that while they seem cute and novel are just too old for certain ages, I think this is one of those products. I also think those baby shoes with faux heels are down right wrong and thongs for children - Don't even get me started. 

Overall the perfume may smell really nice and delicate and I get maybe a ten year old using this but five years old is too young surely? It's just a downright greedy marketing ploy which has annoyed the beejezus out of me. I know when I was young if these had gotten into my hands then at least my carpet would have smelled nice - Yip give me ten minutes with these when I was five, six or even eight and they would have landed straight on the floor (I use to get called butterfingers), what a waste of money. 

So what happens to the child who's over ten? surely this big marketing ploy hasn't missed the chance to fleece those kids parents? oh heck no, of course they haven't. 

Here's 'Smurfette Blue Magic' this fragrance is targeted to those children over ten and also ladies under thirty. Where do they think it's OK to target something for a child of ten onwards as well as an adult under thirty? I'd be ashamed if my cousins little girl was wearing the same fragrance as me. 

This fragrance however does sound nice. It has notes of Oriental Mandarin, Pink Pepper, Red Raspberry, Peach blossom, Wet Leafy Greens, Hyacinth, Lilac, Amber, Patchouli and Bright Woods. Sounds quite nice doesn't it? But just take a look at this eyesore of a bottle? 

The shape is just plain strange, the embossing of Smurfette looks cheap and tacky and there's just too much going on. Apparently this celebrity (are you kidding me - Celebrity?) fragrance is suppose to give off an appearance of being fashionable as Smurfette is a fashionista.

Ugh, well that's my two cents on this, what do you guys think of the whole marketing concept and those products? would you buy this for your five year old? 


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