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Susan Posnick Dubai Lipstick

Susan Posnick Cosmetics makes products with busy women in mind, I love that her tagline is 'makes beauty simple' and it's definitely a tag I can relate to as a working mummy and also love the attention to detail that is placed in the packaging. I am for sure a visual person so seeing a product that looks good and is packaged in attractive tubes, boxes or tubs you can guarantee I will want to try it. 

Prior to receiving this lipstick, I had only vaguely heard about Susan Posnick products so I was really excited to give this a try in hope that I can find another brand to covet for 2013.  This lipstick is from the Color Essential range. The range has 5 shades that are aimed at all skin colours and tones leaving you looking healthy and glam with none of the issues of purchasing colours that look awful on you but amazing on the advertisements and models. This product also was highly commended in Natural Health Magazine beauty awards in 2012

I love the shiny rose-tinted casing, it feels heavy, luxurious and expensive to the tooth. After applying the lipstick the lid actually snaps back into place with what I think is a magnetic closure, yes I did open and close it more times than I can count on one hand just through the novelty of the magnets. 

This shade is 'Dubai' which can be described as a 'blushing nude shade giving an exotic touch to a range of skin tones and colours'.  It's apparently worn by the likes of Kim Kardashian who seems to be the queen of the nude lipstick look. 

Here's a swatch...

Kim definitely has a darker skin tone than I do but even on me, it gives a 'nude' look. I was pleasantly surprised with the shade as normally lighter nude tones wash me out. I really did imagine Dubai as being more of a pinky shade but it just goes to show looks can be deceiving. 

I'm hooked nonetheless, the actual lipstick is just a dream to apply and has great durability to it. I tend to look for bright or unusual colours but I can see the Susan Posnick brand as being my go-to daytime look brand. 

Have you tried any Susan Posnick products? I'd love to hear some more suggestions or recommendations. 


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