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Talbot Runhof & Artdeco's Autumn-Winter Collection

Whooo, my typing fingers can't keep up with Artdeco's collections - they are really on fire aren't they? This collection however is a collaboration with fashion label 'Talbot Runhof' I hadn't heard of that label either so upon Googling I found out that the label is pretty major. The labels been worn by the likes of Lady Gaga (not sure if that's a good or bad thing), Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts. 

This collection was about bringing together beauty and fashion. It apparently takes inspiration from both the Western world and Asian spirit. It's different for Artdeco but it's also a step in the right direction. Artdeco as a brand normally stick to classic shades with the occasional pop of random colour - this collection however is all about colour. 

Eyeshadows (£5.50) - These shadow shades will make your eyes shine. 

Cherry Blossom - Intensive purple. 
Peacock Coquette - A rich petrol. 
Rosy Starling - Matte light beige. 
Western Opera (not pictured) - Dark aborigine.

High Performance Lipstick (£15) - Left and centre. Light and supple texture that's made to last, this formula has a seductive but subtle colour with a gorgeous shine. 

Perfect Colour Lipstick (£10.25) - Creamy texture that nourishes with Vitamin E. 
Rosy Starling No 41 (second place) - Light nude with an intense eye-catching colour. 
Exotic Kiss No 02 (last place) - Elegant red.  

Eye Designer Refills (£8.50) - Long lasting practical eye make-up alternative. Colours are Peacock Coquette No 163 (left), Cherry Blossom No 190 (middle) and Rosy Starling No 09 (end). 

Art Couture Lipstick (£16.50) - Subtle nude and mauve nuances in colours such as; WEstern Columbine No 681 and Velvet Western Lily No 685.  

Luxurious Art Couture Lash Volumiser  (£14.50) - Complete your glamorous effect  with this perfume free mascara, voluminous, lengthening and perfect lash separation and curl all in one product. 

Premium Quality Blusher Brush (£10.00) - The angled form of the white-coloured genuine hair, makes this easy to create targeted contours and shading. Not suitable for vegans. 

Ceramic Nail Lacquer (£7.50) - This fall's trendy colours are Cherry Blossom No 37, Rosy Starling No 63, Peacock Coquette No 136 and Western Opera No 278. These lacquers contain a patented ceramic particle formula that ensures your manicure lasts, and with ultra glossy shine. 

Beauty Box Quattro (£10.25) - The limited-edition magnetic beauty box 'Quattro' is ideal for storing the magnetic eye-shadows  blushers and Lash Volumiser. It also looks so pretty with it's floral plain pattern. 

Blush Couture (£20.00) - The new perfume-free Blush Couture comes in three soft pastel shades with a luxurious sheen. The trio of blushers are free of mineral oil and parabens, and offer an impressive colour intensity and long-lasting power. 

Soft Waterproof Eyeliner (£8.00) - Available in two shades Peacock Coquette No 62 and Cherry Blossom No 84. 

Eyebrow Designer (£12.25) - Long-lasting brow designer in Ash Blonde No 5. Ideal for finishing off your eyebrows and filling in any much needed areas. 

High Precision Liquid Liner (£21.00) - Available in Black No 01. It contains carbon black pigments for a really deep-black eye line. The brush is made from the highest quality synthetic fibres that form a precise tip. 

Mineral Lip Styler (£9.00) - The lip stylers countour and accurately outline the lips; available in three shades. Western Lily No 16, Western Columbine No 19 and Cherry Blossom No 42. 

Magic Eye-Liner (£13.75) - Create mystical eyes with this perfume-free Magic Eye Liner. Available in Western Opera No 74 which is a dark anthracite shade. It also comes with an in-built applicator which is suitable for blending and smudging. 

What do you think of this collection? I personally love the brighter shades and the gorgeous nude tones. I adore Artdeco's cosmetics especially their precision products such as liners and eyebrow pens; it's the Nail Lacquers however that make me fall hard and fast - they're so pretty. 

The collection will be stocked by Debenhams stores nationwide. You can check it out HERE


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  1. I have never tried anything from artdeco, did you purchase anything from this collection yet?
    I love the nude lipstick, blusher and brush and the nailpolishes.

    ps love your blog hun, I added it to my blogroll xo


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