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Ted Baker Nails It

Ted Baker revealed that they will be releasing a new range of Nail Polish Strips (£7.50) and Artificial Nail Sets (£8.00) on September 9th. The designs are said to be contemporary and bold and are certainly in line with the fashion lines AW13 collection. 

The collection will include 

  • Dark Bejewelled Wing 
  • Feminine Treasure Orchid (above)
  • Purple Haze - With orange and purple. 
  • Gold Bird 

I don't have the full images yet but the image above is going to be a sure-fire-hit with the Cath Kidston shabby style fans. To be honest I'm personally over the false nails, nail wrap and nail polish pad trend, it all gets very samey (its a word). However, I may change my mind when seeing these in person - What do you lovelies think? Is this collection a yay or nay? 

These sets will be available either in store at your local Boots or on their website HERE.


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