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The Body Shop Unveils Honeymania Collection

The body shop continually expands their skincare and makeup range and have covered classic ingredients such as Cocoa butter, Shea and Olive butter; as well as the more unusual ingredients too. Normally I head into The Body Shop, pick up some bits and bobs and go about my day as normal neither inspired or fazed. 

This time however I am completely stoked as The Body Shop are releasing their honey range which is named 'Honeymania'. I think I'm so excited purely because I realise just how amazing honey is for the skin - of course, the downfall is that if you're vegan this collection is going to be as useful as a soup spoon with holes. For non-vegans however, this is EXCITING. 

Honey has been used since ancient times so that alone tells you that it's clearly been doing something right. The best types of honey are raw and unrefined as it maintains all of the essential vitamins and minerals that benefit your skin and ultimately your health. Honey is a natural antibacterial as well as being an anti-irritant. Simply put it means that honey has the ability to clear up skin complaints, treat cuts, spots, pimples, scarring and so much more; while being gentle on even the most sensitive skins. 

This collection has been created with a Community Fair Trade honey from the Sheka rainforest in Ethiopia, while it sounds delightful and oh-so-dreamy I can't help think of all of those air miles. The collection consists of a lip balm (£4), EDT Fragrance (£8.50), Bubble Bath melt (£8), Shower Gel (£4), Body Scrub (£12.50) and a Body butter (£13). 

You will be able to purchase the collection at the start of September from The Body Shop website HERE. I know I WILL be definitely parting with my cash especially the lip balm and bubble bath melt. What do you make of this collection?  


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