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The Cambridge Satchel 'Brit Bag'

The Cambridge Satchel Company recently unveiled their limited edition 'Brit Bag' to celebrate the birth of Prince George, the Queen's 60th coronation anniversary and all things British. It has been specially commissioned with the Union Jack print featured on the front pocket as well as an overall print.

There are a couple of options the first is the white leather bag with the all over Union Jack print. The white version comes only in the 11'' size and is the one that really stands out for me. As much as I adore it though I'm not sure if it's something I would purchase, I have a feeling it may lose its novelty appeal sooner rather than later. 

The second bag is the tan leather with the Union Jack print pocket. This version comes in both the 11'' and the 13'' and I think this one will stand the test of time. The prints focused to a small area so it can be taken from season to season easily without becoming too much of an eyesore. This version is also better suited to those who dress with a more classic style, those who prefer to dress with a less is more attitude. 

Take a peek at the two of the bags...

The bags start at £125 and can be purchased directly from the Cambridge Satchel website HERE. Which option do you prefer? will be purchasing either of these limited edition bags? 


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