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The Evolution of Christina Aguilera's Body

Christina Aguilera recently unveiled her new body, apparently, she lost 20 lbs but I think she looks as though she's lost a lot more than that? do you guys think so too? I honestly think she looks amazing and I feel so inspired by her, I really never thought I'd be saying those words but there we go. 

Hopefully she maintains her healthy weight and body shape as she does have a tendency to yo-yo up and down the scales; of course yo-yoing isn't good for your health or metabolism. Christina is a Latino lady and has a tendency to put all of her weight for the most part on her bum and hips. Gathering weight around that area can lead to increased risk of cardiovascular diseases as well as diabetes. 

OK so here's some photo's of Christina from her skinnier days. 

She looks super slim here but too skinny, she looks ill especially in the middle image. This is how I always remembered Christina to be. Slim with her blonde hair and crazy fashion sense. 

Having children can wreak havoc to your body, some ladies struggle to lose the weight and others end up even more skeletal than before due to tiredness or not being able to eat as regularly. Christina, on the other hand, came back with on the music scene as a new wife and mother. Not only that but she had returned with an amazing figure and fab tunes to boot. It was Candyman that stood out, not only because it focused on my favourite era - The fifties; but the fashion worn in the video was amazing and that hourglass figure Christina was rocking well, there really are no words. 

Fast forward to 2010 when divorce hit Christina hard, I remember seeing her plastered all over the net and the media. Slung out of clubs, completely blotto and jumping from man to man. It seemed she had taken comfort in food and alcohol which ultimately made her bloat, then put on weight. 

Over the years her weight increased and many wondered when she was going to take grasp of her life once again. I remember seeing pictures of her at Michael Jacksons memorial in her bodysuit, she looked horrendous and her larger frame didn't suit her one bit. 

Before I get attacked I do think there are many beautiful plus size ladies however being a plus size doesn't suit everyone. Because the weight had gathered around her butt and her arms she looked misshapen and just as though she didn't bother anymore, ultimately she seemed to have lost her confidence, it was her confidence that made her who she was (and that voice of course). 

This year she decided to release a new album, this was what her fans had been hoping for. We wanted her to get that spark back and with a new album it became clear she was going to be pressurised to lose weight. In May she unveiled her new svelte but still womanly curves to the world and she looked awesome. 

She's unveiled a more toned body recently and again she looks amazing, I just hope she doesn't take it too far. Take a peek at her new figure...

It's clear that Christina is no longer the 'Genie in a Bottle' innocent young girl and her new body reflects that. How she looks now seems to be the ideal size for her figure and to be honest her new body is enviable.  She's clearly put in the work to get to where she's at and as someone who does put weight on around the butt area I hope I can someday soon change my figure just like Christina has. 


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  1. she does look so much better these days. I did think she use to look way too thin and then she kinda let herself go and the extra weight didn't suit her.


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