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The Fragrance Shop : Discovery Box

I recently found out about The Fragrance Shop's Discovery Club. It works in a similar way to beauty boxes in that it contains samples sized products - in this case, it's fragrance samples. The samples included are suitable for both men and woman and it costs £5.00 quarterly with no commitments to continue on. 

Also included in each box is £60 worth of money off vouchers. Each voucher is worth £10 off each fragrance which you can apparently use off any size bottle which is great. Especially with Christmas coming soon (very scary isn't it).   

Want to take a peek into my awesome box?

The brands included were a mix of newer brands such as Elvis Jesus and firm favourites such as Thierry Mugler and Lacoste. There are six fragrances included and I was really impressed by the mix, to be honest, so was hubster.

From left to right: 

Elvis Jesus For Her: This rock fragrance was produced by Elvis Jesus the clothing brand who were established in 1997. The scent was one of the ones I was so excited about but never got to smell. I know you're wondering why I never got to sniff this beaut but all will become apparent by the end of this post.  

Mont Blanc Legend Pour Femme: Tender and feminine this is a gorgeous feminine daytime scent. It's titled aptly because it does smell very womanly but natural at the same time. 

Lacoste Eau de Lacoste Noir: This fragrance smells typical of the Lacoste brand. Warm summer evenings, aromatic and contemporary. It's a sexy manly scent to be quite blatant, Hubster and I love Lacoste fragrances. 

Loewe Quizas, Quizas, Quizas Pasion: Spanish fashion house Loewe arrived in the UK with this scent. It's inspired by the passionate art of the tango. It's a romantic but sensual scent that enticing but not slutty. 

Thierry Mugler Alien Aqua Chic: If you've sniffed Alien before and loved it then you're going to love this version. Personally, it reminds me of alien but as though that aliens had a clean wash and rolled in some dainty flowers. It's still very much the classic Alien scent but a bit less in your face. 

Givenchy Gentleman Only: Elegant, distinctive and a huge hit with Hubster. It reminds me of James Bond for some reason? not sure it may be because it's a classy complex fragrance with an awesome name. This fragrance also uses natural ingredients which may be why it smells more 'real' than synthetic. 

I love the way that the Elvis Jesus fragrance sample was presented in an old book style packaging. The actual full-size fragrance resembles a bottle of holy water - how awesome is that? 

So, here's how I never managed to get my sniff on *sobs* 

The cap fell off the stopper thing, it's firmly in place so no fragrance will come out. Hubster said smash it but there's no way I'm doing that because it will get everywhere and no doubt ends up being more hassle than it's worth. I do still plan to try and sniff this somehow as I'm definitely intrigued by the notes and the overall concept. 

Overall I'm really chuffed with this box and can't wait until the next edition. If you want to get in on this you can find out more by visiting The Fragrance Shop website HERE


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