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These Boots Are Made For Walking

I'm trying to get my exercise on in the lead up to December purely because I hate exercising - it's so dull. Even just the thought of exercising makes me want to roll my eyes and 'ugh' but I'm not getting any younger and there comes a point where you just can't put it off any longer. 

I um'd and ah'd at the thought of going to a class, I thought about starting biking and I then badly wanted to take up roller skating - but realised that may draw too much attention. I do partake in yoga and pilates in the comfort of my living room on my big Smart TV with Youtube (home comforts you just can't beat it) but figured I needed something a bit more vigorous. 

So... a friend recommended walking. I then done the whole hand to forehead thing because I just never considered walking, I mean I do it every day with our puppy so why not take it a bit more serious? I figured I had to get some new boots because ballet flats aren't going to cut it especially with the weather already starting to change for the worse. 

I shopped around and eventually settled on a pair of very 'me' boots. My new walking boots arrived and they-are-awesome. Pink of course but so amazingly amazing. 

They're by Hi-Tec which is a huge surprise; I use to have some Hi-Tec's when I was little and hated wearing them. That was way back when your coolness was decided on the brand you wore on your feet and Hi-Tec just weren't Nike. I did browse online for suitable walking footwear but just wasn't impressed as most walking boots were leather and downright ugly. I wanted something that was still cute and ultimately could be used in general day to day situations just incase I didn't stick it out (because of course I hate exercise), I have a habit of giving up where exercise is concerned.  

These particular boots are the 'Sierra Lite' boots and they have awesome reviews (a huge deciding factor) and arrived really quickly *yay*. 

I'm a UK 3 or 4 so I ordered the size 4 just incase; I figured I could wear thick socks if they were slightly too big. They actually look quite big on which was really surprising as having little feet it's strange looking down at average size footwear.  The boots however fit really nicely and would be suitable for all widths of feet including slightly chubby feet like mine without being squeezed and pinched. 

The boots are pink with a white interior and laces that come all the way to the top. The ankle section is quite padded which is great because I know my ankles will be supported and the grips on the sole look quite chunky so I know I should be good in the rain and snow. 

This style comes in two colourways and if all goes well I may just purchase the other colourway too. There is the pink and white ones above and the other coloured boots are a khaki/tan with a gorgeous splash of coral with coral laces. Both styles cost £49.99 including free delivery and you can purchase these over on the Hi-Tec website HERE

I'll keep you updated on the walking/exercise and of course how these boots do overall, do you think I need to go find a big stick to take along on my walks? I see those ramblers with the big sticks all of the time locally? 


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  1. Morning! I hate gyms, but love walking. I've been told by my hardcore hiking friend that sticks are as much for unfriendly dogs as much as support! : / Those boots look good, I have a decent pair which I left in Italy, but if we have the same winter here again this year, I'll def need some. x

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    1. I'm guessing the winter will definitely be the same hunny, I never thought of the stick being used for that will definitely need to get one/find one?? Where would you get such a large stick from? lol. X


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