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Transformula's Arm Lift | Bye Bingo Wings

I adore Transformula's having only tried two of their products, Eye-Lightening Gel  and Eyelifting Gel (review here) I was keen to test out their new Arm Lift for a few reasons, the first being of course that I've so far had no gripes with the brand and the second is because I've noticed my arms are getting a bit flabby and loose. I have tried doing a range of arm exercises but in all honesty I am terrible when it comes to exercise... I hate it! 

Any excuse to get some sort of lift in the arm department even if it's temporary, I've even tried sweating my bad boys out by wrapping them in cling film (didn't work by the way). Transformula's Arm Lift works within 30 days and is an anti-ageing treatment. It basically sculpts and tones the upper arms with it's awesome ingredients. 

Amino acids hydrate while boosting elastin which increases firmness and addresses the signs of ageing. Tyr-arg dipeptide stimulates the molecules to prevent and treat sagging *yay* and glycofilm offers UV protection to stop hyperpigmentation and dehydrated skin (which makes you look wrinkled and saggy) and finally the wild water mint helps to keep your skin feeling refreshed. 

I'm still testing this out so will do before and after's on my final thoughts post, this feels cooling and fresh on the skin and melts in so quickly. I did initially worry that I'd be left with damp arms but nope I needn't have worried. 

You can purchase this from the Transformula's website (here). Fingers crossed this works lovelies, I hope I have obvious before's and after's to show you. 

EDIT // Having used this product until it was completely finished I didn't find it tightened or reduced the look and feel of my bingo wings. However, these results were only my results - I can't say that these results would be what everyone would achieve so I definitely recommend reading a few variable reviews on the product before making your decision. As a side note, I also didn't find there were any negative side effects of using this product, it did soften and hydrate my skin, just not enough to really impact the bingo wings per se. 


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