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Weleda Citrus Refreshing Body Oil || How Many Ways Can You Use It?

I'm starting to really become addicted to hair, body and well basically any beneficial oil. I find them so much more beneficial to my skin than say thick creams and lotions and find that a little goes a long way, making these so much more cost effective. I'm currently testing out this Weleda Citrus Refreshing Body Oil which I'm surprisingly loving. I plan to test this out a bit more thoroughly before giving a real final opinion but so far I'm impressed and it's working as it should do. 

The Weleda Citrus Oil is made from pure almond oil and citrus oils. The citrus oils help to soak up any excess nasty grease from the skin (excellent for combination skin types) while also helping to nourish dry skins. It literally suits everyone from younger children to elderly men and women. 

I personally use this in the same way as most people use Palmer's body oil, I apply it to my skin after a hot bath so it soaks nicely into my warm skin. I then take the excess from rubbing this into my body parts and apply it to my face and swipe my hands through my hair. Most oils, if I'm being honest, are suitable for body, face and hair so don't be scared to use the excess on the ends of your tresses to hydrate it. 

The oil has a light [somewhat sweet] citrus scent which isn't overpowering; luckily because I'm not a huge fan of citrus scents, to be honest. The scent sits gently on the skin eventually fading over the course of a few hours. The oil also soaks into the skin nicely and doesn't feel oily (does that make sense, an oil that's not oily?) or heavy. 

I plan on adding some to my bath this week, I also plan to mix two teaspoons into some brown sugar to create a citrus-sugar scrub - my thighs are needing some serious TLC and I have a feeling it's this mix that's going to blitz that stubborn cellulite. 

This oil costs £13.95 for 100 ml's. It has so many benefits and can literally be used in an unlimited amount of ways. Add to your moisturisers to give it a boost, apply as a serum to the face, use as a cuticle and nail treatment, add to sugar or salt and scrub your body to perfection or simply add to your bath for a moisturising treat. Of course, you could just do what it's intended and apply to your body as a moisturising oil - either way, it's going to rock! 

You can check it out over on the Weleda website here


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