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What Magic Is This? : Colour Changing Lipstick

OK so I 'may' have a slight purple lip addiction, I just can't shake that purple passion. On one of my many hunts for the perfect purple lippy I came across La Femme - A brand I had never heard about and had they not made a lilac lippy; probably never would have purchased. 

I am a brand and packaging snob, I'm trying to sort that out and in my journey to shake off my snobbishness I have found a few awesome low cost brand lippy's that I adore with La Femme now being placed firmly in that 'love' list. Again this was a 99p Ebay purchase and well worth the money in my opinion. 

While I purchased this because I figured it was lilac so it would transfer to the lips with a subtle lilac sheen it actually didn't - At all! that's not a bad thing though and to be honest I'm actually glad it didn't see this 'lipstick' is a colour changing magic lipstick *ta-da* 

Here it is in all of it's glory...

It's a well made lipstick in a gorgeous casing, it feels weighty and the metal parts set against the matte black base make it look as though it belongs in the high street alongside brands such as Bourjois or Barry M. 

On first swatch it gives off a balmy lilac shade but when you apply it to the lips the magic really takes hold. I actually wasn't aware of said 'magic' when I first applied this and it was only after a lot of confusion and constant questioning Hubster that I realised it had to be a special product. (Googled played a huge part in me figuring that out also) 

See lilac, balmy lipbalm styled lilac; but still lilac... 

This picture doesn't really show off the amazing colour but this is actually bright pink on the lips. So how does it go from lilac to purple? I'm not entirely sure but apparently it changes depending on the person wearing it, your bodies chemistry and also the heat of your body. Each wearer apparently gets a different shade and mine ended up being bright pink by the end of the day. 

It feels really soft on the lips just like a good quality lip balm would but it doesn't transfer; I suppose the colour has a stain-type property to it as it really lasted all day long. I love this so much I have since purchased both the red and the blue, I can't wait to find out what shade they end up on my lips. Eventually I will do a post with all three, showing you the colour variations from start to finish. 

Have you tried any 'mood' changing or colour changing lippy's? If so I'd love to hear about them. 


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