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YSL Unveils Vernis à Lèvres Rebel Nudes Collection

I've only ever purchased lipstick from YSL but it's my absolute favourite lippy ever. YSL Beauty have recently unveiled their new Rebel Nudes collection for lips and nails. 

The collection consists of lip products that use lifeproof colour emulsion to create the ultimate shine. Lifeproof colour emulsion is typically used in the food sector to make food 'shiny' it's made from a mix of polymer ethylcellulose combined with oils and emulsified water. The formula ensures that the finish feels light, liquid and glossy while offering long lasting results - Do you feel as though you're back in Science class? 

The collection includes eight colourways for lips with the Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres Rebel Nudes for lips and four La Lacque Couture shades for nails. The formula is composed of a transparent base with three layers of minerals to create a 3D effect on the lips. I have to say I'm very much interested in both the formula and the shades. 

Shades Include: 

* Nude Provocateur and Naughty Mauve - Paired with La Lacque Couture Beige Leger. 
* Pink No Taboo and Corail Mutin - Paired with La Lacque Couture Taupe Retro. 
* Fuchsia Tomboy and Beige Anarchist - Paired with La Lacque Couture Rose Renaissance. 
* Corail Hold Up and Violine Out of Control - Paired with La Lacque Couture Rose Romantique. 
The collection launches on September 4th and can be found over on the YSL website HERE

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