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Zoya AW13 Collections

Zoya has released their latest collections which look gorgeous. The three collections are 'Cashmeres', 'Satins' and 'Pixie Dust'. I'm attracted more to the cashmere creamy looking polishes than say the satins. The Pixie Dust line looks interesting and I think Zoya may have managed to do what Models Own had initially aimed for with their Velvet Goth Collection, the polishes are comprised of textured sparkling shades but in a matte base - interesting, huh.  

Here's a peek at the three collections: 
The Cashmeres

The Cashmere has a creamy formula that looks best fully opaque. I love these types of high gloss, plastic looking full-colour lacquers. 

Livingston: Autumn Red. 
Pepper: Brick Red
Flynn: Caramel Nude. 
Sailor: Navy
Hunter: Forest Green
Louise: Rich Chocolate Brown 
The Satins

The satins are metallic based high gloss shades. They do look beautiful but I'm a cream girl at heart. Although the Mason looks very pretty and is quite hard to describe, I'd say it's definitely pink, fuchsia and red shade all mixed into one. 

Channing: Copper Rust Red
Mason: Red-Violet 
Claudine: Gunmetal Grey
Neve: Sapphire Blue 
Giovanna: Emerald Green 
Maria-Louise: Gold Topcoat. 
Pixie Dusts

Tomoko: Silver
Chita: Emerald Green
Sunshine: Denim Blue
Carter: Regal Purple
Arabella: Fuchsia Pink
Dhara: Bright Orange

Which collection is your favourite? 

Personally, I think the Maria-Louise gold topcoat would look absolutely gorgeous over the Flynn caramel nude cream polish - It would really give your mani a party twist wouldn't it. The Zoya website in the US can be found HERE and the UK home for Zoya is HERE

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