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2true Metallica Polishes

I originally blogged about these polishes HERE initially, to be completely blatantly honest I dislike metallic polish - there's just something that irks me about it and I have the sense of it being old-fashioned. I know I'm slightly crazy with my way of thinking, you can tell from my initial post I didn't have a huge connection to the polishes because it was pretty straight to the point, here are the facts. 


I tried them. I loved them and here's why. 

I've tried metallic's in the past but they just don't ever look right on me or they look too young and childlike. I expected nothing less of these not because of them being a low cost brand but simply because I've yet to meet a metallic that I've loved. 

I have Artemis (purple), Arete (green) and Athena (blue). I'm missing Aglaia and Aphrodite and haven't purchased those simply because I have far too many pinks and far too many turquoises in my collection I really fancied something different. 

The polish bottles are heavy, the texture is simply perfect; not too runny and dries quickly. I swatched these for you and to be honest these were fully opaque at one coat - I did apply two just to see if it made these even more 'wow' but the two coats looks exactly the same as the one coat. 

Prepare to be amazed: 

So recently I've tried out the Velvet Goth Models Own range, Nails Inc polishes and even some OPI thrown into the mix and it was these three 2true polishes that have completely blown me away. The result is definitely a metallic sheen, less pearl more metallic. From a distance they look suede like. 

These also only cost £4! they can be picked up either over on their website HERE or on Superdrug's website HERE

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