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2True Sequins & Sparkles Collection

2true Pro has revealed the arrival of 'Sequins and Sparkles' you know me it's sparkly and glittery so I'm there. Having tried the 2true brand and been very happy with how it performed I very much want to try out this collection.

 I was asked to try it out from some lovely PR's so if it does arrive I'll update you with a final opinion and of course swatches but in the meantime here are the collection deets. 

Sparkles offer a 3D effect by using fine nail glitters which you can add to your manicure. These come in little pots and you can simply dip your nails in or apply it to specific sections. Colours include Danni (gold), Kelly (silver), Jennifer (pink) and Alesha (multi). 

Sequins also come in five colours and are a great base for adding your 'sparkles' nail glitter to. What would look really special is if you applied Sequins to all of the nails and Sparkled up your wedding finger or one specific nail. The colours available are; Christy (silver), Tyra (gold), Eva (blue) and Naomi (purple) 

Both products cost £4 and would make excellent little stocking fillers or gifts this crimbo. You can pick up the collection either over on their website HERE or in-store or online at Superdrug's HERE.

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