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2true Sparkles & Sequins Collection

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Gosh it's a polish palooza today on the blog, isn't it? At the same time as getting the metallic, I also got these pretties. I can't hate on glitter or anything sparkly who knows why? because I don't it seems I'm just drawn to it like a magpie to shiny things. 

These three products are apart of the 2true Sparkles and Sequins Collection which consists of polishes with a sequin effect and nail glitter which are the 'sparkles' There are five polishes in the sequins range including the two I have. 

Below is Elle (pink) and Christy (silver). I'm missing Tyra (gold), Eva (blue) and Naomi (purple) - clearly this collection is inspired by the glitz and glam of supermodels. 

I also have one of the six sparkle nail dust. I have Kimberley (blue) but there are also Danni (gold), Kelly (silver), Alesha (multi), Jennifer (purple) and Cheryl (pink). 

Similar to how the metallic polishes performed these were pretty opaque at just one coat, I did add the two out of habit. I've only come across one other glitter polish that offered a full glitter coat and that was the Nails Inc limited edition polish released when Prince George was born. 

The sparkle dust is so easy to use and is only limited by your imagination. You can 'glue' it on with your nail polish so anywhere you pop polish the glitters going to stick. Why not do a full colour manicure then add clear spots, apply your glitter powder and voila, glittery polka dot nails! I simply dipped in the tip for quickness - the blue however is amazing. 

Here's the swatches. 

Pretty huh? Pretty amazing if you ask me. There are so many sparkles that it really looks like crushed gemstones, especially the silver polish. These all cost £4 each but Superdrug's have a 2 for £6 offer on which is fabby. You can check them out HERE

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