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30 Things To Do Before Your 30 (or 35)

I will officially be hitting the big 3-0 soon. I know it's a bit late in the day to be starting 30 things to do list but, I'm a huge list fan so I just HAD to. I really believe in making lists and do it all the time for everything; list-making really gives you some direction and something to aim for - having something to aim for (even if you don't believe you will manage it) it keeps you moving forward in life rather than staying stagnant. 

So here's my 30 before 30-35 years: 

  Write and publish 2 books. 
  Create a natural skincare product. 
  Create an amazing lipstick. 
  Get my dietitian and nutritionist certificate. 
  Get all of my photo's printed (I have thousands). 
  Raise at least £5k for charity. 
  Sculpt my body through exercise. 
  Do a completely raw and clean eating diet for at least 2 weeks. 
  Make amends with everyone to really move forward. 
  Work towards becoming more confident. 
  Decorate my bedroom. 
  Go to Disneyworld in either Paris or America. 
  Plant and grow a vegetable garden. 
  Inspire as many people as possible. 
  Try and blog about at least 20 Pinterest Pins each year. 
  Start a coven - yes really. 
  Learn proper punctuation. 
  Grow my blog as far as possible. 
  Wear a dress every day for at least 30 days. 
  Do a good deed randomly every week. 
  Learn to drive. 
  Buy a VW Camper Van. 
  Bake more - master pastry and macarons. 
  Be a support for those with auto-immune disorders and pain disorders. 
  Go to see Diversity dance show live. 
  Learn Latin.
Actually, make some bread successfully. 
  Master yoga. Especially any of the Crane, Kapotasana or Scorpion poses. 
  Grow my hair so it's long -but- healthy not thin and raggy. 
  Forever be the best mummy I can possibly ever be. 

What would your 30 before 30 look-like? 

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