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Aromatherapy Associates Unveil Christmas Collection

Aromatherapy Associates blend the finest essential oils with unique botanics which is what results in their products being of a superior-quality. Essential oils contain compound that aid healing, improvement of mental and spiritual health as well as really taking care of the mind, body and soul holistically. I have a little first aid box stocked with my essential oils to tackle most ailments from migraines, stress, cuts, bruises and more. 

So whether you believe in taking a holistic view or not you can still totally appreciate each of the products and the sheer amount of thought that's gone into making them. The brand are due to release their Christmas collection on October 20th which will include: 

  • Little Blue (£10) - Miniature sized bottle of Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil, presented in a bell-shaped box. 
  • Festive Collection (£35) - Presented in a Christmas-tree shaped box and offers ten miniature-sized fragrant therapeutic blends, and includes their recently launched Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil. 
  • Ultimate Collection (£50) - Contains one of each of the Relax, De-Stress, Revive and Support Collections. 
  • Indulgent Bath & Shower (£33) -Contains three bath and shower oils, including Relax Light, De-Stress Muscle and Revive Morning, along with Revive Body Wash.
  • Deep Night Time Ritual (£65) - Features properties of Vetivert, Chamomile and Sandalwood essential oils within the Relax Deep Bath & Shower Oil and the new Relax Deep Balm. 
  • Rose Deluxe Trio (£29) - Includes the new Renewing Rose Hand Cream, Hydrating Moisturising Lip Balm and Renewing Rose Body Wash. 
  • Rose Infinity Set (£198) - Newly launched premium Rose Infinity collection includes the Rose Infinity Serum, Moisturiser and Eye Cream, 
  • Refinery Shaving Essentials (£35) - Aimed at men this set features the Refinery Face Wash and Refinery Foam Gel
  • Refinery Skincare Essentials (£65) - No idea at present what this includes - sorry. 
Available on their release at a variety of stores such as the Aromatherapy Associates website HERE, Space NK, Fortnum & Mason and Liberty's. 


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  1. I love Aromatherapy Associates. Will definitely be hinting for one of these! x


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