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Bargain: Models Own & Impulse Collaboration

Oops, my bad I forgot to publish this and what an amazing post it's going to be, especially if you're a thrifty chic like moi (to some extent). I adore a good offer especially when it's something that's going to be really useful or something that you currently use - this is a bit of both, to be honest. 

Available since August and throughout September onwards Impulse teamed up with Models Own to launch a limited edition range of fragrance and nail polish combo sets.  There are three scent options such as Sweet Smile, Very Pink and Very Very Pink ( I'm actually laughing as I type that). Each set comes with its own Models own polish and mini four way nail file and buffer. 

  • Impulse Sweet Smile - This is an exotic scent which features pear, mandarin and jasmine notes to give this a fruity tropical scent. The Models Own polish comes in Coral Reef. 
  • Impulse Very Pink - A blend of pink grapefruit and vanilla leaves this smelling fresh and sparkling. The Models Own polish comes in Gun Grey. 
  • Impulse Very Very Pink - A deep blend of bitter orange and white wood. The Models Own shade is Utopia which is a dusky pink. 

You can pick these up at Superdrug's and ASDA while they're still available - the best part is that they cost only £4 which is less than what a polish would cost. Do you think that you'll be checking these out? 


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