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Barry M Palettes Launch TODAY!

You know I love a good palette, they save a ton of space and are perfect for storing all neat and tidy. Each palette contains six shadows and 1 blusher as well as a large mirror. I love them all I really do but the nude palette stands out - it does resemble an Urban Decay palette dupe but is so much more affordable. 

Here they are: 

Natural Glow Palette 

This contains the perfect shades for a daytime, barely there nude look. Highlight your natural beauty with these creamy cocoa, shimmery beige and brown tones.  It also contains a healthy but delicate pink blusher that looks simply perfect, I would snap that blusher up if it was sold individually also. 

Smokin' Hot Palette 

Smoky eye lovers rejoice! the perfect palette for those vampy bambi eyes, combined with a coral toned blush to make your eyes pop. 

Glamour Puss Palette

This is a good all rounder palette with shades to suit all eye colours and preferences. These shades take on a much more Autumnal tone than the other palettes and combined with the pink blusher you really could let your creativity and personality shine with this one. 

The best part is that these palettes only cost £6.49 and launch on the 25th (today). Hands up who's buying all three? You can purchase these over on the Barry M website HERE and of course in store and over on the Boots website. 

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