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Beauty UK Launches Denim FX Polish

Denim UK is due to launch their Denim FX nail polish any day. I'm excited purely because I want to try out the whole denim nail trend without spending a ton of money. I don't normally suit blue tones so purchasing the Nails Inc. Bermondsey (denim effect) polish at £12 is not really a viable money-saving option. 

Beauty UK seems to be keeping on top of the nail trends having released their Grit FX (liquid sand dupe), glitters, foils, gemstones and of course their nail art wraps this year alone. The difference however between say Nails Inc and Beauty UK come down to marketing and durability. 

While Beauty UK offers a fabulous affordable polish range Nails Inc lasts slightly longer in terms of chipping time than Beauty UK. This can be fixed by adding a Nail Inc or similar type branded topcoat over your low-cost polish. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with this brand, having tried out their polish I got a good four days out of it - that's fab especially when you factor in how much it costs in comparison to say Nails Inc. or OPI. 

The Denim FX polish comes in two shades - Indigo and Black. The polishes dry down to a matte denim finish with subtle silver undertones. You can pick these up for a teeny £3.49 so it's worth buying both shades to find your favourite. 

You can pick up the Denim FX and the rest of the range hopefully this week on their website HERE or over on Superdrug's site HERE and in store. 

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