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Benefits Bathina Soft to Touch... Hard to Get

Bathina Soft to Touch... Hard to Get embodies everything that is chic and vintage. I want this so bad just for the packaging alone, I doubt I'd ever get rid of this bottle to be honest as I'd just fill it with oils, bath salts or something equally bathy (if the top comes off)

Bathina is a body oil that's designed to give the skin immediate hydration and gorgeous sheen while offering a delicate touch of fragrance. It can also double up as a massage oil or cuticle oil as it features almond oil which leaves skin soft and silky, olive fruit which contains good fatty acids; vitamin e and oleic acid, avocado oil to soften and moisturise and vitamin e to repair the skin and keep it nice and firm. 

When you pop this lid off it actually sprays a fine mist of body oil so you can spray and rub in, no fuss or hassle. It launches in November and will be priced £26.50, it would make an excellent crimbo gift for any female relatives or friends and I'm pretty sure you would be on anyone's good-books if they opened this up on December 25th. 

Once it goes live you can purchase it HERE on the Benefit website or of course you could pop in store to get your Bathina fix. 


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