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Blood Concepts - Which One Are You?

I'm definitely more of an indie perfume girl and used to take to Etsy for my perfume needs. Since I started blogging I've come across so many brands that don't seem to get the limelight they deserve. Blood Concepts is one of those brands and it stands out in a few ways - the concept is one of the major deciding factors and the scent is equally as important. 

These are actually testers from the Black Collection. The Black Collection was launched in 2013 and each of the fragrances are suitable for both men and women. Sharing fragrance hmm maybe not in my house as me and hubster have very different noses. 

The Blood Groups / Fragrances are: 

A - Notes include Ginger, Coffee, Angelica, Sandalwood, Benzoin and Amber. Funnily enough I got a fresh hit of what smelled like cut grass which dried down to a delicate baby powder grass scent. It was the perfect mix of fresh and sweet. 

B - Notes include gunpowder, Earl Grey Tea, Rooibos Tea, Hinoki Wood, Ambroxan Wood, Guaiac Wood and Leather. 

AB -  Notes include Green Pepper, Methyl Pamplemousse, Bergamot, White Wood and Musk. 

O - Notes include Yuzu, Blood Orange, Cannabis, Carrot Seed, Dark Woods, Amber and Leather. 

I adore the A fragrance which ironically maybe due to me being an A blood group? Is this magic I'm not sure (well I'm actually sure it's not but let's all just make-believe for a moment). Hubster preferred O and he's an O blood group - freaky-deaky or what? 

Each fragrance lasts all day which rarely happens with high street purchased fragrances (the exception being Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck) and they didn't turn all chemically sickening like some do also. I haven't sniffed any other brand that offers scents quite like these and the notes in some are so complex and enchanting - O for example, YUZU, Carrot Seed and Cannabis? who would have thought that would be so perfect? It's sexy for sure so if you're a sweet as candy fragrance lover these maybe not the fragrances for you. 

If on the other hand you like a bit of complexity to your fragrances, one that develops and changes as the day goes on and one that makes you feel confident, powerful and strong then yes you are going to LOVE these. You can purchase these goodies from Roullier White. Will you be getting a blood transfusion or two? (Such a bad pun I know I apologise). 

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  1. Great review! I love finding more unusual brands. Thanks for sharing x


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