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Bodhi means 'enlightenment' and I can confidently say that I'm on a journey of enlightenment at this moment in time. I know there are so many people that believe enlightenment, karma and anything spiritual is a lot of mumbo-jumbo and what I'd say to them is 'that's perfectly OK to think that.' I, on the other hand, would definitely describe myself as being spiritual and I've seen so much positivity happen in my life every time I've to take that 'journey.' 

Bodhi as a brand embodies how I feel inside and because of that I certainly feel a connection to the brand. Bodhi's aims are to take care of the whole person rather than just one faction of ourselves such as the outer beauty; the belief that a healthy, well-cared for and balanced state of mind leads to a more youthful look is definitely something to consider and something that's proven true time and time again. 

The brand used the finest essential oils, blends and absolutes at peak ratios to ensure each and every product is potent and effective, I found this to be the case when I recently tested out a few of their gorgeous products. 

Take a peek...

First off the details in the packaging really impressed me, those ribbons under the seal come all the way around, the seal sticker is just a tiny detail but one that makes a huge chic impact. This is the Neroli Luce Revitalising Face Oil packaging, the bottle is equally gorgeous and has a modern-apothecary style. 

Neroli Luce Face Oil (£32) revitalises and rebalances the skin with toning Tunisian Neroli, rejuvenating Frankincense and restorative Sea buckthorn. I found a little goes a long way and the fragrance is absolutely amazing - I adore Neroli it's always been a favourite essential oil ever since I was a little girl as my mum use to burn it along with ylang-ylang. 

I found the oil absorbed easily into the skin and left my skin feeling smooth and nurtured, I have combination skin and it didn't break me out, in fact, it did quite the opposite and instead reduced the redness on my chin and cheeks while fading my little pimples (so gross I apologise).

I have a few health problems so these two products were perfect as it meant that hairy boy could ease the stiffness in my muscles and fibrous tissues with a deep massage. A little goes a long long way with these two massage and body oils which have multiple uses. The oils are...

 Flora Paradiso Stress Massage & Body Oil | normally comes in a 100ml size, these are testers. The full-size costs £38 and this potent oil containing Atlas Cedarwood to ground you, Lavender to soothe and Ylang-Ylang which calms. This felt ah-mazing and the scent does soothe the mind, I never fall asleep while being massaged or even afterwards but I did when hairy boy used this particular oil. 

 Ginger Brew Deep Tissue Massage & Body Oil |* Again this is a tester size and the product normally comes in a 100ml size. Containing Plai, Galangal, Turmeric and Ginger oil which soothes and reduces inflammation while also working on decreasing any pain you may have in that area. I found that this oil really helped my overall fatigue and while it didn't take away the pain that I have it did allow me to feel rested which is a rare feeling. It smells gorgeous, warming and bold. I love popping some on after my bath before bed on those nights that are especially causing me more pain - just so I can get a good sleep. 

I always presumed Bodhi was a company that offered excellent high range products but it's hard to understand just how amazing they are until you really try them. The packaging, the weighty apothecary styled bottles, the fresh and earthy scents and the actual relaxing feeling and clearly hydrated skin benefits you get is outstanding. 

From these products especially Ginger Brew is one of those that will remain on my repurchase list due to its ability to help me medically as well as spiritually. If you've yet to try the brand I urge you to do so - truly. 

You can check out the rest of the Bodhi products over on their website.

Edit: Bodhi rebranded as 'Bodhi & Birch

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