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Burberry Brit Rhythm Has Launched

Burberry-oh-Burberry you confuse me so. Burberry is a chic premium quality brand there's no denying it, but the damage chavs done to the brand with the iconic Burberry tartan was kind of horrific. Of course, it wasn't the brand's fault for creating something to entirely awesome but in my area, Burberry's a tad-taboo and yes for some time I did cave to the peer pressure. 

See Burberry Brit because my secret fragrance and still to this day I love it and Burberry Touch for men holds so many memories for me also when hubster and I first started dating *tee-hee*. I am going to stop caving in and put my healed foot down! no more will I be ashamed of loving Burberry and the Burberry fragrances - who's with me? 

Burberry has launched their newest fragrance Brit Rhythm it is for men but I love men's fragrance (especially Clinique Happy for men) this one in particular is said to be inspired by music; the campaign features British Musician George Barnett from These New Puritans (nope never heard of him) and British actress Suki Waterhouse. 

Notes include basil vervain, cardamom and juniper berry top notes over a heart of black leather, patchouli, and styrax resin. Cedarwood heart, incense, and tonka bean lie at the base; I'm already craving it as I adore cardamom, tonka bean and patchouli notes in any fragrance. 

They are actually giving away scented tattoo's over on their website HERE. The tattoos resemble miniature Burberry Rhythm bottles - totally cute and I can't wait for mine to arrive. 

Go, rush away to get your freebie samples lovely. I'll update a review once they arrive. What's your impression of the Burberry brand? did you ever own any Burberry tartan? 


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