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Cetuem Nail Vanish Autumn-Winter Collection

Swoon-worthy right? A couple of months ago I really hadn't heard of this brand, is it just me or did you lovelies know about this and my heads been buried in the sand? Cetuem don't just make nail polish like OPI or Nails Inc, they actually make skin care, body care, foot care, polish and even hair care. 

These colours, however, are apart of the Autumn-Winter collection and have me excited. The formula looks amazing and glossy so I really want to put them to the test to check that they meet my standards. 

The four new shades in the collection are: 

  • Chocaholic - Soft cream 
  • Venice - Peachy Beige Cream 
  • Berry Berry Good - Light Creme 
  • Mysterious Girl - Red 

Apparently the brand have a 300 shade wide polish collection so, I really have no idea why I wasn't aware of this brand. Priced at £9.95 these shades will be available over on the Cetuem website HERE

I love-love-love the Chocaholic and Venice shades, which is your favourite shade? 


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