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Champneys Spa Essentials For Men

Wow, Champneys is releasing a ton of new collections in the run-up to crimbo. This is the Spa Essentials For Men Collection and it comprises of products for the face, body and even the armpits. The good thing is that it's available now in Boots. Unlike most male-targeted brands this is really affordable with prices ranging from £3.50 upwards to £9.00 - pretty fantastic if you ask me. 

The collection was formulated by Champneys therapists to refresh and invigorate hard-working skin. The products feature a somewhat masculine but confident fragrance made from exotic amber notes, Indian Sandalwood and base notes of Musk. If you're looking to create a baby and get your baby-dancing on spritz some of this as those pheromones....woof! they'll definitely grab your interest let me tell you that. 

Included in the range is: 

Face - Face Wash (£6.50), Shaving Gel (£7.00) and Post Shave Balm (£9.00)

Body - Body Wash (£8.00) and Antiperspirant (£3.50)

You can purchase this exclusively at Champneys Spas, Online at Champneys HERE and of course in store and online at Boots HERE.


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