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Chanel Rouge Allure Moire Collection

How pretty is this collection (apologies for the bad picture), it's inspired by 'bold femininity' and the beauty and refinement of luxurious fabrics and ribbons...ooh err! 

Chanel created a range of colours with the addition of shimmery reflections (additions) which are tone-on-tone, translucent, golden silver, bronze and copper mother-of-pearl reflections. I know, I was thinking how the heck can you get a golden silver too?  Basically, it's a collection of gorgeous deep and rich shades with a hint of an additional extra, from metallic shimmer and mother-of-pearl shine. 

Rouge Allure lipsticks (£25) consist of eight shades which include: 
  • Farouche - Chocolate with silver shimmer
  • Impulsive - Limited Edition red-pink with gold and silver
  • Audacieuse - Limited Edition rose red
  • Indecise - Shimmery pink-beige 
  • Etonnante - Bright pearly peach
  • Surprenante - Sparkling fuchsia
  • Enigmatique - Shimmery brown red
  • Ambigue - Pearlescent berry
Also in the range: 

  • Extrait de Gloss (£25) Reflexion - red pink gloss
  • Extrait de Gloss (£25) Controversy - violet plum
  • Le Crayon Levres Lip Definer (£17) Rose Poudre - Grey toned pale pink 
  • Le Crayon Levres Lip Definer (£17) Rose Ardent - red pink 
  • Le Vernis for nails (£18) in Rose Moire - Grey pink 
  • Le Vernis for nails (£18) in Rouge Moire - Raspberry red 
The range launches on September 27th and I'm actually really excited about this collection especially the Enigmatic. I adore deep and dark shades. 


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  1. Chanel lipsticks always just look so beautiful and extravagant!
    I'm loving dark red/browns at the moment too :)


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