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China Glaze Autumn Night Collection

This range is made of twelve polishes in both creme, foils and shimmer finishes. This collection is inspired by the darker nights of Autumn, whether that be lounging inside or out partying the night away.

There are two cremes which are: 

  • Charmed, I'm Sure - This is a dark purple crème that's perfectly vampy and sexy. Apparently it's near enough a one coated which is pretty amazing. 

  • Queen B - Blue-purple creams which has really amazing pigmentation. It changes between shades depending on what sort of light you're in. 

Four Foils which are: 

  • Goldie But Goodie - A golden foil that has a good consistency and finish. Apparently it's another one coated polish. 
  • Gossip Over Gimlets - Silver foil with slightly golden flakes.
  • Strike Up A Cosmo - This is my favourite and it's a definite one coater. It's rosy pink foil base with golden shimmer bits in it. 
  • Rendezvous With You - A dark purple foil with gold shimmery bits in it, this has been a big hit with the American bloggers. 

Six shimmer and frosts: 

  • Don't Make Me Wine - A dark magenta shimmer but has had issues with visible brush strokes.
  • Kiss My Glass - A blue toned grey that's described as being quite a thick formula. Similarly to Don't Make Me Wine this polish is described as being one that leaves visible brush strokes. 
  • Public Relations - A purple toned grey frost that's super similar to Kiss My Glass, it is slightly verging more on the purple side but it doesn't have the issue with the visible brush strokes. 
  • Red-y & Willing - A red shimmer that so pretty, it's a good two coater but offers a gorgeous pigmented shade. 
  • Scandalous Shenanigans - Bright blue frost that's had mixed reviews. 
  • Tongue & Chic - Teal shimmer that has a black base, it's my favourite shade from the shimmers. 

Personally I think the collection is nice especially the crème formulas and a few foils but, I won't be adding any to my wishlist. They just aren't stand out enough and it does feel like I've seen the shades over and over again with the exception of Strike Up A Cosmo. 

What do you think about these colours? Do you think there's simply not enough cremes and too many shimmers? I know I do but I'm not sure if that's the general consensus or my snobbishness to polish. 

Oh if you do fancy these you can get them from the usual places including Beauty Express HERE where they are £3.99 (trade) or Nail Polish Direct HERE where they cost £5.99 in the sale from £13.99 (hmmm maybe the general consensus then?) 

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